Fee Criteria

Oregon State University may engage in the direct sale of goods and services to individuals, groups, or external agencies for fees only when those services or goods are directly and substantially related to the mission of the university which includes teaching, research, and public service.

Beginning in the fall of 2021, internal and external fee proposals may be submitted throughout the year and the fees will post in the fee book when approved.

All internal and external fees must be marked as reviewed annually by an originator. The deadline for this requirement is mid-April each year.

External Fee

External Fees are charges for goods and services provided by OSU to businesses, organizations, and individuals outside of the university. Charges for these goods and services shall recover full costs and should include a markup that takes the prices of such items in the marketplace into consideration. Supplies or additional expenses mentioned in the description of an external fee will be billed at the actual cost for OSU to obtain the product or service.

When applicable, the Facilities & Administrative Rate or F&A (indirect cost) rate shall represent the markup and be added to the total price charged to the customer.

Internal Fee

Internal Fees are expected to recover the full costs of providing goods and services within the OSU community. This includes goods and/or services to grants and/or contracts. Supplies or additional expenses mentioned in the description of an internal fee will be charged at the actual cost for OSU to obtain the product or service. Transactions for internal fees are charged via OSU Journal Vouchers (JVs).

Internal fees are reviewed annually for compliance with the Federal 2 CFR 200 – Uniform Guidance. Your unit business manager, Financial Accounting & Analysis, and the Budget & Resource Planning Office will help in setting appropriate rates based on allowable costs.

Course Fee

Laboratory or Course Fees are limited to institutional sale to students of equipment, materials, or ancillary services consumed by the student as a part of course instruction where the equipment or material is not readily available for purchase through the OSU Bookstore or other external source.

Approval will not be given for Laboratory or Course Fees that constitute a charge for the use of institution owned equipment, specimens, software licenses or other microcomputer application charges for goods or services, or other materials and supplies consumed in the instruction process, except for certain non-required physical education courses that involve use of non-state-owned facilities or expensive equipment.

Academic or administrative units begin the process of requesting a new course fee or revising an existing course fee by preparing an online course fee proposal via the online fee system. The proposal is then routed to the Course Fee Committee for review.

There are three periods when course fee proposals can be submitted. Summer and Fall course fee proposals must be submitted mid-February. The deadline for Winter term is mid-September and the deadline for Spring term is mid-December. Specific deadline dates will be emailed to Fee Book Originators.

Note: An ancillary service is a general term used to describe supplemental or related services associated with a course. Fees which contain this service as an expense will only be approved when the ancillary service is provided by a vendor external to OSU or by an OSU unit that is self-supporting (an auxiliary, a designated operation or a service center).

Additional Information
Internal/External Fee Committee Charter
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FIS 03-150-107 Sales of Goods and Services
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FIS 03-110-101 Tuition and Fees
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